Asset Management - Introduction

STAR is the only property inspection company in the region to offer a 360 approach to asset management.

As part of the SGE group, the STAR team has access to the joint experience and expertise of our other business teams that focus on construction and maintenance of assets across their life cycle using the latest technology in the field.

You can depend on the services of our joint consultancy team to help you with everything - right from defining what should be included as an asset on your books, to guiding you on the best practices of collecting and registering information on these assets to finally helping you manage maintenance on these assets to ensure optimum returns.

In addition to our exhaustive inspection studies, our services also include:

Defining assets, their hierarchy, classes and codes

Building asset registers

Asset tagging

Developing automation for work requests and management of sub-contractors

Designing Work Orders, Schedules, KPIs and Reports for effective asset management

So while other inspection companies only offer limited inspection services to meet basic regulatory requirements, STAR goes beyond that to make sure our reports are based on real asset data, which you can use to implement best practice processes to achieve the highest standards of asset management.