Asset Management - Asset Tagging

Asset Tagging is one of the most critical elements in the efficient and effective operation of any business. In addition to leading in the property inspection sector, we pride ourselves in being one of the experts in asset tagging in the Middle East region. In our experience of inspecting buildings in the UAE, we have found that most buildings don’t have an accurate Asset Register which is usually a by-product of Asset Tagging. An Asset Register is a vital document that not only affects your scoring on a BCA and forms the basis of an accurate RFS but is also important to optimally track and maintain your assets.

STAR’s comprehensive Asset Tagging process comprises three main stages:

the study of our client’s asset list

building an asset register using appropriate software and

the actual tagging of the assets

Our consultancy team will begin by reviewing your documents and then conducting interviews and site inspections to collect information to build an accurate Asset Register for your property. This includes helping clients define, name, classify and code their assets.

This data will then be inputted into our proprietary maintenance management software, Aladdin, which ensures that you are using the latest technology in your industry to track and maintain your asset. You can also use Aladdin to develop automation for work requests and management of sub-contractors, design Work Orders, Schedules, KPIs and Reports for effective asset management.

Aladdin automatically generates QR codes for all assets created in the software, which can be used on labels to tag all your assets. The information on this tag can be accessed via the Aladdin Mobile App, which will ensure real time recording of all maintenance activities.

So right from defining your assets and building an asset register to inspecting your assets and providing you with tools to manage their maintenance, STAR will partner with you to achieve the highest standards of asset management.