Sustainability Assessment (LEED)

Going Green is a guiding principle on nearly every project today. The reasons are many - improved stewardship of resources, healthy environments, minimum impact on the natural world, reducing costs - but the final decisions about what to do are usually based on what makes the best financial sense. Star's expertise in Sustainability & LEED (Leadership Energy and Environmental Design) services will enable you to go green without spending a lot of green! From increasing energy savings and water efficiency to reducing CO2 emissions and poor indoor air quality, we will help you develop strategies to improve sustainability on all fronts.

LEED or BREEAM certifications for existing buildings are becoming increasingly popular as building owners and managers seek to distinguish their properties from their competitors'.

Before pursuing a LEED or BREEAM certification for existing buildings, Star recommends conducting a Sustainability Assessment, which helps building owners determine the efforts and cost that would be associated with a LEED or BREEAM certification. Star Property Inspection will determine how sustainable an existing property is, and what improvements are required in order to gain Green Building Certifications. Our assessment will gauge a building's sustainability potential and will determine what Green Building certification goals would be achievable. When a team decides to pursue certification for a building, the Sustainability Assessment report serves as the perfect roadmap for managing a successful Green Building project

A Sustainability Assessment can be conducted in conjunction with a building inspection, a Property Condition Assessment, an Energy Assessment or as an independent assessment.