Testimonials - Home Inspection

Owner of Villa
Owner of Villa Residential Villa, Abu Dhabi Island
I had the pleasure to share this snagging experience with 3 professionals from SPI. They provided a comprehensive snagging report and challenged the Developer to reach the level of quality promised and expected.

A second visit closed the gaps and gave further instructions to the Developer. The quality of the report generated (pictures and comments) was clear, transparent and without “double talk”.

I highly recommend SPI to any investors who would to buy a property or check the current status of the real estate portfolio.
Mr. Adil
Mr. Adil Owner of Living Legend Villa
I would just like to state that my experience with Star Property Inspections has been extremely satisfying as the inspections undertaken were very prompt and done on short notice from my instructed time. The engineers themselves were very affable and easy to communicate with and managed to extensively report on all major and minor deficiencies in a highly professional and efficient manner. Thanks again.
David James
A.S Rank 1 Real Estate Brokers
This is with reference to inspection done at my Client’s villas. I am writing this as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding service provided by your inspection team. The inspection was carried out with professionalism and my client was very much impressed. I would love to recommend your company to anyone who needs an inspection service in the future. Keep up the good work.
David James
Rebecca Villa Owner, Dubai
I would like to thank your engineers for the splendid job they did on the inspection of our villas on 11 May 2016. They were quick, polite and very professional. My husband and I also greatly appreciate the reports you did on the inspection - the standard of professionalism is astounding! I will definitely recommend STAR to my colleagues.
David James
Owner of Villas Dubai
I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding service that your inspection team provided during inspection of my villas. I look forward to availing your inspection services in the future.
David James
Jose Teles Tenant – Jumeirah Golf Estate
When I moved into my brand new home at Jumeirah Golf Estates it was a dream come true for my family. But just one month in, our dream turned into a nightmare when multiple maintenance issues popped up. Our light sensors stopped working and the lights wouldn't turn off, cracks developed on our walls, our bathroom ceilings developed an orange stain that kept growing and worst of all our DEWA bill was over Dhs 6000! And this was followed by a second bill of over Dhs 7000. The Star Property Inspection Report led us to discover the leaking pipe responsible for the high bill. And though it was a problem that predated our tenancy, our landlord refused to foot the bill. If only I had hired Star Property Inspection to inspect the villa before I had moved in, all these problems would have been unearthed and it would have saved me money and all the stress my family went through. The Star team were thorough professionals and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking at renting or buying villas in the UAE.