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As a property inspection company, we bring to you the solution of getting the perfect energy auditing analysis for your home, office, or commercial workplace.

Just as we all know, UAE specializes in giving quality experience in most of their hotels, buildings, resort centers, commercial buildings, and homes. The only downside to these being the rising utility bills – electricity and water bills, to be specific.

More than ever, cutting energy bills is good maintenance practice. An important fact to be noted is that 50% to 60% of the energy used goes for ventilating, cooling, and lighting in a typical commercial building, and often, much of that is wasted. Which makes it even more important to explain where that energy is being lost and what to do about it!


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In this blog post we will explain what energy audit means, why it is important to learn about energy audits in the recent global economy, how energy auditing firms help building-owners and managers compile up-to-date building system information and energy breakdown information to determine how much energy is being spent on different areas of homes or organizations. These areas are majorly lighting, cooling or ventilation.

What is Energy Auditing?

An Energy Audit is the process of identifying opportunities for facilities to reduce daily wastage of energy. It is an investigation of all areas of an organization’s historical and current energy use to help identify energy cost-saving measures that are actually feasible for your building to prevent energy wastage within the organization’s activities.

What is the need for energy audit performance for commercial buildings?

Well, any strategic step in making your commercial building more energy efficient always is through an energy-audit practical application. An energy audit is obviously aimed at identifying energy-saving possibilities and also to increase the values of assets, reduce costs of ownership, and promote building management. In addition, it provides the needed comfort and workplace safety.

How is Energy Audit carried out?

This is professionally done by our Energy Audit experts, who will take a comprehensive review of your energy consumption data affiliated to your commercial building, as well as energy-and resource-consumption systems confined within the commercial building, to identify sustainable energy efficiency measures that reduce the overall use of energy.
To identify and quantify an organization’s energy use can be simple in theory but difficult in practice, hence it is important to learn about energy audits in the current global economy as homeowners or company managers.

Importance of Energy Audit

One of our team of expert engineers at Star Property Inspections (SPI) explains that several levels of progressively more sophisticated energy audits are a must if an organization instends to cut down on the expenses on energy loss.

Energy auditing draws a conclusion on why most commercial buildings spend a lot on energy bills due to inefficient use of energy – that’s how important an Energy Audit is. SPI Energy audit is simply the best option to boost energy consumption efficiency for all commercial buildings in Dubai.

What can commercial buildings do to reduce their energy consumption?

You’ll have more potential savings in the long run if you are able to identify the big-ticket items that cost you more energy upfront. Still, without the knowledge of the simple steps that you are about to read, energy auditing can be frustrating.

Worry not, many of the tips are simple lifestyle changes or do-it-yourself projects that any building owner or commercial buildings renters can tackle. For example, switching off electricity gadgets when not in use, and many other basic precaution that most people can do in the office.

However, all of these simple lifestyle changes can only leave a minimal change in the utility bill to be desired. That’s why you need a professional energy auditing firm like the Star Property inspection in the UAE to do your commercial building energy audits.

Why Star Property Inspection when it comes to energy audit in Dubai?

Star Property Inspection is a leading, accredited energy auditing company in Dubai that specializes in Building Condition Audits and Reserve Fund Study with an unparalleled wealth of experience under the leadership of our certified Energy Manager, Hocine Remram and our accredited Energy Auditor, Chris Lagason, both of who have many years of experience in Dubai with exceptional records. And, our mode of operation has won us the prestigious energy auditing accreditation from Dubai’s accreditation scheme.

This shows we have the needed competency to audit your firm’s energy chain among other energy auditing companies in Dubai. We’re a company that has over 15 years of experience in the property inspection industry and over 30 years in the construction and real estate industry.

Star Property Inspection provides recommendations and solutions to promote energy conservation and improve the base building design. Star property inspection offers solutions that help minimize energy consumption and thus turn commercial buildings green while reducing carbon emissions.

Star Property Inspections was established fifteen years ago as a subsidiary of a diversified property business group in the UAE and has been licensed in Dubai under the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

Our well-qualified and experienced team strives to make new buildings and existing buildings more energy efficient by our operation techniques that help building-owners minimize operating costs and make their buildings more energy-efficient.

The company’s key emphasis is on providing solutions and consultancy for energy audits and energy conservation to newly built or existing commercial buildings or homes and becoming a market leader in providing solutions for energy conservation and sustainable building design for a sustainable future.

Our team believes that sustainability is a way of life and should not be limited to energy management in buildings and facilities. Star property inspection was, therefore, developed to address the needs of the UAE in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Conclusively, be assured that a high-performance energy audit could not only help you solve your organization’s energy management challenges but also save more while helping your organization grow.

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