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A common mistake made by most property renters in the UAE is that they do not thoroughly inspect the property before renting or considering moving in, which brings about hassles and big maintenance bills after they’ve moved in. It is worth noting that once payment is made, it’s quite difficult to negotiate with the landlord or get the landlord to repair everything that has been damaged.

Likewise, we see many people getting embarrassed by landlords after they’ve moved out for not leaving the house in the same condition they got. And when tenants try to defend themselves by stating that they met the apartment in a condition that escalated into what it is presently, no one will listen to them since they have no evidence. Thus, they are left with no other option than to bear the consequences. Avoid such hassles and loss of money by hiring a property inspection company to get your apartment or villa thoroughly checked before you move-in / move-out.

First, let’s review the many move-in / move-out issues that pose problems to individuals in this region. Some might be minor at first to tenants but will eventually escalate into a bigger problem under negligence.
Luckily, this post will explain what a move-in / move-out inspection is, some of the most common issues that most people face in the UAE and why it is important to get this type of inspection done.

What is a move-in / move-out inspection?

A move-in inspection occurs before the tenant takes possession of the apartment to check through the apartment and to determine its condition. After this, the landlord will demand a security deposit from the tenant, which accounts for any future damages. In comparison, a move-out inspection is done to check through the apartment for any discrepancy or damages done by the tenant while moving out. These inspections are mostly done to avoid disputes between the landlord and tenant and also to be able to determine if there will be a deduction in the security deposit that will be paid back to the tenant.

Top 10 move-in / move-out issues.

It’s no doubt that most tenants would ensure an apartment is in a good state before moving in, but they’re mostly discouraged by some issues that they did not see prior to moving in. Here are some of the move-in and move-out issues which they are likely to miss without a proper inspection.

  • Damaged walls and floors are common challenges tenants highlight. A damaged wall peels off and does not hold in paintings for long, and a damaged floor has cracked tiles and stains that do not clean off even after cleaning.
  • Dampness, leaks, and flooding hazards. This hazard is mostly ignored because most tenants do not check through the plumbing works before moving in. However, these leakages cause dampness on the floor and ceiling, which will deprive tenants of their comfort. There are also issues of leaky faucets, clogged drains from the kitchen and bathroom, and leaks from water heaters and pipes.
  • Electrical issues also cause inconveniences and pose a serious risk, resulting in electrocution, sparks, and sudden fire. Electrical issues to inspect are faulty or damaged light bulbs, flickering light bulbs, faulty power switches, and faulty wiring. It’s one of the issues that most tenants face. Electrical issues are mostly caused by faulty wiring, and they can’t be noticed by merely inspecting the apartment as most tenants do.
  • Window and door lock damages. It is not uncommon that many houses with faulty door and window locks, damaged doors and windows, and faulty doorknobs due to lack of proper move-in inspection.
  • Smelly drains and sewers. Another common issue is that of unpleasant to sometimes really foul smells from sinks in the kitchen and bathroom wash basin.
  • Pest-infested cabinets and cupboards. Cupboards, cabinets, and drawers are mostly infested with pests which are likely to spread out quickly to the rooms and other places in the house. This is also an issue that most tenants face upon moving in.
  • Tenants often forget to clear out certain places when leaving an apartment, one of which is the basement or other storage areas. These are often left looking dirty and piled with items that they did take. This sometimes leads to the tenants not getting their full payment of their security deposits.
  • Another common issue is the maintenance of your A/C. Air conditioning that haven’t been maintained according to the 3-4 times maintenance routine per year will most likely not work well. Most commonly occurring issues are that of faulty A/C compressors which are expensive to replace. These issues are often neglected since tenants won’t inspect the A/C to check if it’s working before-hand.
  • Most tenants, while moving-in, often do not check the taps for running water. Although, Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) have confirmed that the tap water from DEWA is perfectly safe to drink, the problem lies with the water tanks and pipelines of the buildings. Water coming from dirty water tanks will not only be full of dirt or rust particles but can also be contaminated with germs. That is why DEWA has mandated water tanks to be cleaned once every year but recommends doing it every three months to be safer.
  • For people moving into a villa or town house, there can also be issues with swimming pool heaters or chillers not working properly. A few things to keep in mind are to make sure that your pool heater or chiller is properly connected to the power source and that there is no damaged wiring that can cause electric shock in the pool. There can also be issues with faulty pool pumps, plumbing valves, or temperature control knob. Often, the sight of a pool makes most tenants assume proper working conditions, which is not exactly true. Be sure to inspect before moving-in

Why is move-in / move-out inspection important?

As mentioned earlier, a move-in / move-out inspection is intended to avoid disputes between tenants and landlords. Disputes often arise due to a lack of proper documentation of the condition of the property before move-in and move-out.

Apart from this, lack of proper move-in and move-out inspection most likely puts the tenants in an unpalatable condition and disallows them from getting the value of their money.

Move-in / move-out inspection also helps both tenants and landlords reach an agreement, determine the security deposit, and detoxify any threat due to refund upon moving out.

Why trust Star Property Inspection for your move-in / move-out inspection?

We are a certified and RERA licensed property inspection company that provide professional snagging and inspection for all kinds of properties in the U.A.E. We give a full comprehensive report of what is damaged, documenting the property’s condition before occupying it.

We ensure that the landlord and tenant are aware of the level of severity of any damaged parts, backed up with images and recommendations before you move in, so you don’t have to shoulder the responsibilities of getting them fixed. Once the landlord confirms the damages are fixed, we can also do a re-inspection to check if repairs are done properly, so you can move in with peace of mind.

Give us a call today and entrust us with the responsibility of your move-in/move-out inspection.