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A common mistake made by most property renters in the UAE is that they do not thoroughly inspect the property before renting or considering moving in, which brings about hassles and big maintenance bills after they’ve moved in.

It is worth noting that once payment is made, it’s quite difficult to negotiate with the landlord or get the landlord to repair everything that has been damaged.

People live in a situation where their houses need a lot of work to be an actual fit for comfort. They tend to spend a lot of money and resources patching up their dream house when they could easily avoid getting such a house or perhaps foresee imminent threat and can fix it before huge collateral damage occurs, and this is where handover inspection comes in.

In this post, we will focus on the challenges for homeowners here in the United Arab Emirates and how Star Inspection Company has come up with solutions to take precautions when you’re about to hand over your hard-earned cash to buy your brand-new home. Most people miss out on handover inspection because they rely on vain words from their brokers or the seller, or they assume the mortgage lender would have undertaken some due diligence!

However, doing footing inspection, frame inspection, collecting certificates they are not checking the quality, but they’re after the structural compliance whereas you could have over 200 painting defects, you could have a dented dishwasher or a cracked benchtop, and many more that are only visible to handover inspection specialists. Don’t you think you need to learn more about handover inspection? Yes! Let’s get started.

What is Handover Inspection?

Handover Inspection is the systematic method of inspecting a property to determine whether it has any need for maintenance or existing flaws that the contractor or developer may have missed.

In general, it is the final stage in the construction of a house or unit and an important phase in the home building process so that buyers can be confident that the work performed on their new home has been done to the accepted specifications and completed properly.

It is a massive undertaking to construct a home, from the planning stage right through to completion. Most of the work will be done by builders unless you are designing your home yourself. If the work is complete, you may need to search for any defects naturally.

However, there is no way you are likely to possess the requisite skills or expertise to recognize defects and report whether the construct is up to standard. Handover inspections require you to employ the help of professionals to render property inspection services, to snag and inspect your home or unit thoroughly before you sign off with the contractor.

Why is Handover Inspection Important?

Property inspection in the United Arab Emirates is intended to shield investors and buyers from the strain of shouldering the liability and costs of fixing problems that the contractor or developer should have remedied. Home inspection services include checking exterior and interior walls, roofing, cladding, floors, fixtures, fittings, HVAC electrical items, etc., to ensure that the work follows all applicable requirements and is done to your specifications.

Snagging and inspection for your property ensure that your valuable asset is in perfect condition. Snagging companies put a keen eye for detail to snag and inspect the artistry and finishes that the contractor is handing over. This is to give you peace of mind that the work you are paying for is to the highest standards and that you will have minimal issues in the future and inadvertently prevent common challenges facing homeowners in the U.A.E.

What are the top five challenges of homeowners in the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arab Emirates enjoys a strategic location between the Gulf countries while also being connected to East Africa and South Asia, making it a flourishing business hub. The country has also invested in the most advanced infrastructures globally and has some of the world’s safest cities. Amidst all of these, certain conditions pose challenges to homeowners in the United Arab Emirates.

Some of the challenges faced by the homeowners that need head-on handover inspection are:

  • Nearly half of UAE homeowners are having ongoing maintenance issues due to poorly installed HVAC systems. HVAC systems designed to achieve the environmental requirements along with the comforts of occupants can become a stress encounter for homeowners if proper maintenance/handover inspection routines are not practiced. Common HVAC issues like blockage of airflow, unusual fan noise, dirty/dusty units, and poor insulation around chilled water pipes that are not detected or hidden, can make living in a building miserable.
  • Another common challenge is the issue of blocked or poorly installed drainage systems. Without proper drainage, run-off debris often causes blocks even in brand-new drains, either inside or outside the building. Poorly performing kitchen equipment, washing machine, and improper toilet waste disposal can lead to bad odors and breeding of insects in water puddles caused by water leaks.
  • Poorly installed or fitting joinery in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedroom units are usually affected by extreme heat and high humidity since they are left outside for long durations without air conditioning.
  • Large percentage of homeowners complain about structural dampness or unwanted moisture in building structures, poor window, and door installation, causing long-term noise ingress, and improper fittings often resulting in cold bridging and condensation.
  • For many homeowners, hidden water connections that have not been installed correctly cause leaks for long periods of time, which goes undetected usually, resulting in serious problems. The damage is highly significant in the absence of a genuine handover inspection.

A high proportion of such building problems have made many homeowners in the UAE unhappy, but you can fix yours by partnering with Star Inspection Company.

Why Trust Star Inspection Company for your Property Inspection?

Inspecting a property can be very tedious and time-consuming. Apart from the stressful nature of the job, it also requires the skill of expertise to have the property snagged and inspected effectively. That’s why the services of Property Inspection Company are needed, and that’s where Star Inspection Company is most flexible.

Star Inspection Company offers property inspection services to homeowners for effective snagging and inspection of their property. We also offer a comprehensive understanding of property to enhance maintenance, meet RERA standards, prepare capital, promote real estate transactions, and consider potential defects and deficiencies. The inspection of Star Property includes all materials, including MEP systems, structural components, roofing, exterior and interior, elevators and escalators, compliance with security and code, and property maintenance.

Not only that, but we also give tangible advice to homeowners, as part of residential property maintenance, to perform the inspections twice a year. That’s because selling a well-maintained property is better compared to one that has been forgotten for years.
So why don’t you relieve yourself of the stress by trusting us with your property for professional inspections?