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The holy month of Ramadan has begun, and the country has welcomed it home with open arms while maintaining social distancing rules. This month brings with it piety, blessings, and light in the lives of all. Millions of Muslims around the world observe fasting during this Islamic month from dawn to dusk, practicing spirituality and strengthening their relationship with their faith.

The UAE has always been known for its vibrant observance of this holy month. The streets across the country are lit with lamps till Suhoor. The restaurants and shops functioning till the early morning hours, closing just after the morning prayer. The stalls of food for Iftar being set up everywhere just before the time to break the fast. The people joining hands to do charity in various forms. The community life instilled an understanding and respect for each other’s beliefs. All of this came to a standstill due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, the only things that COVID-19 could not infect even during the lockdown are the beliefs and spirit of people.

Here’s what happens during Ramadan:

  • Muslims start their day by having Suhoor and praying. They’re to fast till the sunset when it’s time for Iftar, the breaking of fast.
  • In addition to obligatory prayers, Muslims also perform the Taraweeh prayer in Ramadan either at the mosque or at home.
  • People indulge in prayers, charity, and generosity throughout the month, making sure to make the most of this blessed month.
  • Not all Muslims are obligated to fast. There are those who are exempted from fasting due to critical reasons.
  • People in this region are highly understanding of the religious and cultural significance of this holy month, and follow the protocols related to public conduct.
  • Ramadan also brings with it the essence of forgiveness, which is beautifully exhibited by the country’s people in all walks of life. The penalties and fines are mostly exempted during this month.

As 2020 was quite an eventful year, it’s made us live the lockdown and curfew life with uncertainties in all walks of life. While some cherished and appreciated their blessings of being home, many others lost their homes that they had once lived in. In the UAE, Ramadan was spent in lockdown last year, which brought the joy of families being together for some, and the sorrow of being away from home for many others. The necessary restrictions on mobility being in place the entire month had not dampened the spirit of Ramadan. What definitely felt missing were the Iftar gatherings and Taraweeh prayers in the mosque.

As UAE is leading in mass vaccination campaigns and COVID-19 cases being strictly monitored, the environment this year is completely different from the last. The restrictions on gatherings of any kind are still in place, but mobility isn’t hampered. In fact, being able to head out to the mosque, go to the office, or even just walk outside is a blessing to be cherished.

Although a lot has changed in the way we observe occasions, here’s what remains the same:

  • The respect for one’s own practices and those of others by following modest etiquettes of not consuming food or water in public during the fasting hours, refraining from aggressive behaviour, or avoiding wearing any inappropriate clothing.
  • Experiencing a life of diverse communities that brings us all under an umbrella of a place we call home – the UAE. As a part of this, people do charity via official authorities and make donations for a valuable cause.
  • The firing of cannon that signals the Iftar time when Muslims can break their fast. This tradition has been in practice for ages and continues to be an integral part of Ramadan in the UAE.

How does Ramadan affect the routine?

Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, perseverance, and steadfastness. People tend to spend more quality time with family and bringing about positive changes in themselves. It is also a time when many people consider making some changes to their homes in order to prepare them for Eid. With the short working hours during Ramadan, people find more time to look after such matters. However, this can get quite exhausting to manage and add up to your worries, if not done properly. That’s why it’s important to hire professionals who can look into these tasks for you and ease your workload.

For those moving to another house, a shift always comes with a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding between all involved due to the hurry in which the shifting takes place. With the work timings and attention to such details being slashed, one completely forgets to dwell into the proper working of facilities of the property.

Besides, most of the tenants are not aware of the facilities that they can access when it comes to renting or owning a property. Maintaining a property has always been synonymous with the cost involved – both financial and mental. Financially, tenants go through a long process of finalizing a house and setting it up. The choice is usually between a house with comparatively fewer drawbacks and the one with more drawbacks, rather than between sound housing and an unsound one.

One reason for this happens to be sky-rocketing rents and expenses involved in shifting. Amidst these formalities, one often forgets to look at things that matter the most in the long run. The structural and functional design of the house, the facilities, and compliance with official regulations, the check on everything that needs fixing, are some of the essential areas that get overlooked. Whether you’re renting or buying a property, having the premises inspected well beforehand saves you from unnecessary expenditure in the future, and ensures a healthy and profitable return on investment. It takes more than brick and mortar to turn the house into a home. And SPI not only understands that, but it also does everything required to ensure your life in your home is always filled with memories rather than difficulties.

We’re truly engulfing the light of Ramadan and bringing to your door the relief of secured and maintained housing. Replacing worry with confidence, we’re here to help your home by accurately assessing every aspect of it. We don’t just bring skill with us. We bring decades of experience and customer satisfaction to ensure that our service brings value to your life.