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Our team of expert engineers, at Star Property Inspections, conduct inspections of various types of properties ranging from apartments, villas to multistorey buildings and residential communities. One of the most commonly requested inspection is for home inspection for villas and apartments.

Today let us take you through the inspection process of a recently inspected property, a 3-bedroom villa, within a popular residential community in Dubai.

Star Property Inspection had been contracted to inspect the quality and condition of the villa.

On the day of the inspection, our team of engineers visited the premises along with a number of tools required to conduct the property inspection.

A Condition Audit is based on property inspection of the property’s interior, exterior and roof, provided there is access, MEP, external fabric of the building and landscaping.

The inspection process typically includes verification of the MEP works – Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing – that are installed; and to confirm if all the items and appliances are properly functioning. This includes Portable Water Systems, Drainage, Waste and Sewerage Systems, Power Distribution Systems and HVAC System.

In addition, we look at the finishing of the villa, including items such as tiles, windows, doors, wardrobes, sanitary ware and kitchen units.

During our inspection process, we found a number of issues in the property, ranging from low, moderate to high risk categories. Some of the commonly found issues include:

  • Airconditioning system not properly functioning
  • Leakage in water heater tank
  • Exposed live wires in the irrigation pump control panel
  • Poor electrical termination in the pool pump room
  • Cracks on interior walls and ceilings
  • Detached bathroom tiles
  • Poor termination of doors and windows
  • Uneven finish on walls and ceilings
  • Poor installation of spotlights
  • Poor electrical termination in the ceiling plenums; to name a few.
Figure 1 AC not cooling properly
Figure 3 Poor installation of lighting fixture
Figure 2 Exposed non-terminated live wires
Figure 4 Damaged cable tray cover

After a thorough inspection, we submit a report to the client, explaining each of these issues in detail along with the risk-severity level and recommendations to repair it. This report, called the Property Inspection Report or Condition Report, details all the issues in the property along with images, explanations and recommendations that can be easily understood.

This report can be submitted to the building/homeowner or developer to complete the maintenance and repair issues before you take handover of the property.

By undertaking a property inspection on time, not only can you avoid additional overhead expenses in the future but also improve the condition and value of your property.

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