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We are an expert

For all types of property inspections

Star Property Inspection is a leading independent property observer and
third-party property inspection company.

We are an expert

For all types of property inspections

Star Property Inspection is a leading independent property observer and
third-party property inspection company.

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Star Property Inspection LLC is a RERA licensed and approved company with a comprehensive suite of property inspection services to estimate the condition of a property with professionalism and accuracy.






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Star Property Inspection promulgates a culture of professionalism in a safe environment. Our reports are factual, scientific and comprehensive.

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Home Inspection

Purchasing real estate in a country like the UAE is a big step in one’s life goals. But once you make the decision, the next few steps may not be easy.

Building Inspections

The Middle East is an evolving market, hence building codes and regulations are often revised and it pays to keep track of such rules that determine...

Off Plan Handover/Snagging Inspection

When budgeting for an Off-Plan property, the risks are multifold, in spite of the affordability and flexibility that such a decision provides.

Secondary Market Property Inspection

After making a life-changing decision such as buying your own home, you want to ensure that you have purchased prime property without too much...

Move in/Move Out Property Inspection

For the discerning buyer or tenant, a thorough investigation of your home, be it a villa or apartment protects your interest and avoids maintenance...

Investor, Investment Fund or REIT extended Inspections

When commissioned by a high-profile investor, investment fund or REIT, inspections need to be of a sensitive nature and conducted with...

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General Questions

A report that involves analysis of a property and issue of a report on the physical condition, as well as professional recommendations for repairs, replacements, upgrades, and issues that will arise in the future.

A property inspection report is essential in a successful property transaction for potential investment. An independent third party helps in giving a clear understanding of the property and identifying objectively any issues for repair or replacement and its solutions.

Experienced providers like SPI should have a RERA licence and approval, a team of qualified and accredited engineers, strict adherence to codes and quality, among others. Who assumes the responsibility of a property inspection?

Historically the buyer is the one who commissions a property inspection, but even sellers require such reports to showcase their property as a well-maintained asset.

It may feel like it is slowing the process down, especially when a high-value property is at stake, but it is better to understand the condition of the property before you pay to avoid unexpected maintenance and repair costs in the future.

The idea of a property inspection is to understand the condition and potential issues, if your asset is maintained regularly it doesn’t add to the cost only adds to the asset’s life expectancy and value of the asset as well as adequate capital planning.

A developer or investor may not know about problems within the building.  You do not want to incur additional costs as soon as you take over the building.

They should be independent and locally based if they are suggested or recommended by RERA.

Property Inspection is best undertaken before you buy a property, a move in / move out inspection can also be commissioned at the start and end of a tenancy agreement.  The move in / move out does not have to be as extensive provided you are maintaining the building regularly or if the tenant has reported major issues.

Professionalism & Expertise

Over 15 years of experienced, qualified and accredited experts from the property inspection industry.

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